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Terry Pratchett is a British author of humorous fantasy books, science fiction, and young adult books (which are none the less devoured by his adult fans). He is most famous for his Discworld series of books which currently contains 26 Novels (with more forthcoming), 4 Maps and a Companion (encyclopedia of the Discworld), not to mention quiz books, stage adaptations, audio-books, pottery figures and much much more...

Terry started his own website at, but this site has now disappeared. Transworld has an official Terry Pratchett site at He has a page on the social networking site bebo at There is a website by Terry's American publishers at


He did attend conventions. Check either a Discworld Convention or some other convention he may have attended.

Terry has been on signing tours.

See the man's person! Terry has had numerous appearances on TV and radio, some of which are listed here.

Read the man in person! Here are some interviews with Terry.

More about the man

Here is a short biography of Terry by Colin Smythe, his agent. (Other biographies are available in the Biographies section.)

You'll find here some pictures of Terry.

Terry has recently been awarded the Carnegie Award. See the press clippings for more information.

Here is a list of the awards Terry Pratchett has won.

While spending time on, Terry has said many things, some of which have been captured forever, here in part of the Pratchett Quote File.

Somewhat like an interview, here are some Words From The Master.

While at Warwick University, Terry also had things to say, also captured here.

To find out what the people of the press have had to say about Terry Pratchett, check out these press clippings.


What has Terry written? Here is a complete list of all his works, in the bibliography section.

Want more? Try the FAQ.

A large archive of all sorts of items related to Terry, check out The Colin Smythe Terry Pratchett Archive.


If you wish to contact Terry, his snail mail address is:
Sir Terry Pratchett
c/o Colin Smythe Ltd
38 Mill Lane
Gerrards Cross
Bucks SL9 8BA

Colin can be reached by email at, or you can go to his website at

If you are interested in interviewing Terry Pratchett a good place to start is contacting his agent Colin.

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