About L-Space Web

L-Space Web Mirror Sites

Identical copies of the L-Space Web can be found on different web servers located around the world. These sites are called mirrors, because they all 'reflect' the same master set of files.

Currently, the following mirrors are available:

Once upon a time, we used to have half a dozen or so L-Space mirrors, but these days we are down to only three.

In general you can always just connect to our master site at http://www.lspace.org/. That site runs a smart redirector which will automatically connect your browser to the most appropriate mirror site.

The redirector is also the reason why, if you intend to link to the L-Space Web on your pages (or refer to us in text), you should always use the generic hostname www.lspace.org in the URL rather than any specific mirror's hostname: you never know where the person using your link as a transfer to L-Space is browsing from.

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