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Soul Music

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Author: Terry Pratchett
Title: Soul Music
Publisher: Victor Gollancz
ISBN: 0 575 05504 9
ISBN: 0 552 14029 5 (Paperback)


Other children got given xylophones. Susan just had to ask her grandfather to take his vest off.

Yes. There's a Death in the family.

It's hard to grown up normally when Grandfather rides a white horse and weilds a scythe - especially when you have to take over the family business, and everyone mistakes you for the Tooth Fairy.

And especially when you have to face the new and addictive music that has entered the Discworld.

It's Lawless. It changes people.

It's called Music with Rocks In.

It's got a beat and you can dance to it, but ...

It's alive.

And it won't fade away.

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