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Putting Years To The Time Spaces

The Discworld Companion has the Ankh-Morpork civil war occuring Grune 4 1688 (University Calendar). Let's draw a long bow and posit that this is, in fact, the civil war in which Stoneface Vimes cut off Lorenzo the King's head. This would make the 300th anniversary of the civil war, mentioned as a year from now in Feet of Clay, Grune 4 1988.

So let's assume that Feet of Clay takes place in Grune 1987. Now that we have a date to work from, we are really cooking with gas.

The events of Guards! Guards!, Moving Pictures, Reaper Man, Lords & Ladies, Men At Arms, Soul Music, Interesting Times, Maskerade and Feet Of Clay all occur between Grune 1985 (UC) and Grune 1987 (UC).

Also remember that the UC is different from the Great Year on which the city of AM dated during the empire.

So the University is founded in 1 (UC). This is equivalent to AM 1282, the time near the end of the Ankh-Morpork empire. The AM year is actually equivalent to 2 years by (UC), so the beginning of the AM Empire is 2564 (BUU - Before Unseen Uni)


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