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Theatre of Cruelty is a Discworld short story by Terry Pratchett, set in Ankh-Morpork and featuring the characters of the City Watch.

There exist three different published versions of this story. Terry wrote the original version for the W. H. Smith Bookcase magazine. A corrected and slightly expanded version was later published in the program book for the OryCon 15 convention. He made a few more final modifications when the story was 'properly' published for the first time, in the fantasy collection The Wizards of Odd.

The online version and translations of Theatre of Cruelty found below are all based on the Orycon 15 version, and made available on the Net with kind permission of the author, who does reserve all reproduction and other rights to the story. In Terry's own words: "I don't want to see it in distributed print anywhere but don't mind people downloading it for their own enjoyment".

The Translations

Over the years, visitors to this page have translated Theatre of Cruelty into many different languages.

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