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Where's My Cow

In response to some questions from a child worried about the missing cow, Terry supplied the following answers.

Is the cow lost?
'Not any more. She was found wandering and brought in to the Watch House by Corporal Nobbs.'
Is the cow OK?
'Oh, yes. Some watchmen have fed her chips from the canteen, but she seems fine.'
Is anyone looking after the cow if it is lost? (particularly worried about this one)
'Corporal Nobbs is very attached to the cow, and so are the other watchmen. They've clubbed together to buy her hay.'
Where is the cow now?
'In the Watch stables, where she is spoiled rotten by the coppers. She gets milked twice a day and the coppers hope no-one ever claims her because the milk is so nice.'
And if at all possible, what is the cow's name? (for it looks pretty on the picture)
'Mostly they call her Cow, because coppers aren't particularly good when it comes to names, but Corporal Nobbs calls her Maisie, after his old mum.'

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