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The following threads cover discussions about the plots of various Discworld books and, in some cases, in-depth analysis of a few of the characters.

Gave what help he could
alt.books.pratchett - 21 Jan 2004
A discussion of Vimes' motives in the latter part of Night Watch. Contains at least one, major, spoiler.
Building the Clacks
alt.books.pratchett - 18 Jun 2002
How were the clacks built? How long did it take? How did they work?
Why Must Granny Always Have Her Way?
alt.books.pratchett - 27 Mar 2001
Contains spoilers for all Witch books up to, and including, Carpe Jugulum.
Carrot and Vimes
alt.books.pratchett - 29 Dec 2000
A deeper look at the characters Carrot and Vimes
Nasty Carrot?
alt.books.pratchett - 16 Dec 2000
Contains major spoilers for all Watch books, up to, and including, The Fifth Elephant
Fog and FoC
alt.books.pratchett - 16 Dec 2000
The role of fog in the Discworld book Feet Of Clay
Jingo Reassessed
alt.books.pratchett - 02 Dec 2000
Is Jingo is about war or about people & politics?
Over-analysis? - 11 Jan 2000
Literary deconstruction - friend or foe?
Themes - 10 Jan 2000
Subject themes within Discworld books
Why TLC is a great book
alt.books.pratchett - 21 Jan 1999
Contains spoilers for Rincewind books, Moving Pictures and Witches Abroad
Percentage of the Gross - 03 Jan 1999
Looking at the practical side of being an author.
Granny after CJ
alt.books.pratchett - 26 Nov 1998
Discussion of Granny Weatherwax. Contains major spoilers for all the Witch novels up to, and including, Carpe Jugulum and for the short story The Sea and Little Fishes
Is Pterry going downhill?
alt.books.pratchett - 25 Nov 1998
The recurring roles of some major characters in the Discworld books. Contains spoilers for Jingo, Feet of Clay, Lords and Ladies and Carpe Jugulum
Evil on the Disc
alt.books.pratchett - 31 Oct 1998
A very long thread containing spoilers for all Discworld books up to, and including, Carpe Jugulum
Carrot and Teatime
alt.books.pratchett - 19 Oct 1998
Contains spoilers for Hogfather and Men at Arms

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